Start All Over Again.

Today I reached Mumbai after spending the second semester of my first year engineering at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. And after spending the evening sitting with family and catching up with all of them, I finally sat in my room with my brother and went online to order some posters. And I came across this one that made me feel really good. 



And it got me thinking. It said START ALL OVER AGAIN. It did not say anything about second chances or a fresh start. Which made a great impact on me. Fresh starts are a myth and don’t exist. Second chances are not concrete. But you can always start all over.


Another thing that struck me was that it said STOP WHENEVER YOU WANT. I never thought it was possible. But looking at it from a different perspective, it all makes sense. From what I understood, most of the Situations vs Time graphs are like a sine curve, where the Situation is the X-Axis and Time is the Y-Axis. As the time goes by, our situations oscillate between positive and negative intervals. But that’s the general case. It doesn’t have to be that ways. According to me “stop”, over here, refers to the situation staying constant instead of oscillating. Time cannot stop but that does not control our situations. Our situations are what we make and if someone wants to stay in one particular state, then there is no force to stop him except himself. I always used to wish that time would stop without realizing that it’s a constant increasing term while my situation is the result of my thoughts and actions. And I think the situations keep oscillating because our mind is never stable, nor our desires. The thirst for “more” makes us desire and thus increasing our emotional expectations. When things don’t work out even the slightest, we get discouraged and thus our emotions and situations suffer accordingly. 


These two things struck me hard.

Reading this just made me realize how mathematical it sounds. 😛 But I couldn’t think of a better way to express my thoughts. This picture made me look at things so differently. 

It was a nice way to think. A different perspective. 🙂

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