Magical Rains.

Staying in Dubai, in a calm and quiet atmosphere, Mumbai seemed a little loud and so on the first day of my return I had a headache. But that did not stop me from having one of the most exciting days of my life. 5 awesome people + 1 car + chana + beach + RAINS! That was what my day was all about. But I just can’t leave it to that now, can I?


Got up late in the afternoon. And the reason I did get up was because all my close relatives were coming to my place for lunch. Then I got ready and had lunch. Mom-made food!!!!! The feeling was priceless!!! My happiness knew no bounds!!!! Now if you feel like I’m exaggerating then trust me.. I’m not. After eating the food in my mess and ordering pizza and pasta for 4 months, I was craving home-made food really badly. And the first bite of puri and aam ras made me feel like I had heaven in my mouth.

After that I went to my cousin’s place just because I could. Stayed there for a while and then left for Inorbit, a mall in Mumbai. Stayed  at Crossword for sometime and then left for the beach. And I just have to say it, no matter how much I love Mumbai, The roads suck and the people don’t drive properly at all. It is loud and is not maintained. But all things aside, MUMBAI ROCKS! And so we got a parking in a muddy area and then we headed towards the beach. As we got out of the car, we were hit by an assortment of smells. Most prominent of them all was the smell of wet sand which according to me is the best. At the beach it was high tide. The first thing we did was have chana ❤ . I missed it so much. And it tasted delicious! With the right masala and kacchi kairi and tomatoes and all of it. After having that, we walked on the sand barefoot. And it felt so good. The sand was wet and cool. However, we were standing on sinking sand and it was high tide. So we kept our distance from the water. The weather was amazing and beautiful. And just as we thought it should rain, there it was. The first drop of rain. And though it wasn’t much, it got our excitement levels high 🙂 .

After a while of admiring the view and clicking pictures and talking about high tides and clouds and natural calamities and what not, strong winds started blowing. And I cursed myself for wearing something traditional on that day. For 10 minutes I tried to keep my kurti from flying and then realized that my attempts were futile. So I held my cousin’s hand and spread my arms wide, welcoming the cold wind. At times it was so strong and persistent that I felt my balance shaking. A crow was thrown off it’s track of flight by the wind. And it was all exhilarating. The chill. The wind. The tide. And for that period of time, I did not care about anything. Did not hear what anyone was saying. Did not care what other people would think or how I looked. It was just the cold wind blowing. Submerging my every negative thought so that all that remained was happiness. That joy.

And to top it off it started raining heavily. And I let out a laugh. I felt like my heart would explode with happiness. And then it hit.


That’s what everyone was doing. Running back. The tide was high and the water was fierce. And so we did the same. We laughed and we ran and we walked and we stood underneath a stall and we ran again. And as sudden as it came, the rain stopped just like that. And we were soaked. We went to the car and tried getting it out of the mud. That was interesting. At that time everyone became an expert at driving and knew where to go from so the car won’t be stuck. The mud got the shoes 2 kg heavier and it was all so messed up. So all of us got in car drenched and guilty of making the seat covers so wet. But we got comfortable, kept the windows down and had hot vada pav while listening to music.

After sometime the wet and the mud got irritating. But for those few moments, the wind and the sun and the rain made everything so perfect. That feeling of happiness. That feeling that everyone runs after. And in those few moments I felt it. I felt the MAGIC.

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