You are those clear blue skies, Those bright burning candles,

You are those fake smiles, And those empty reassurances.

You make me feel happy, Make me feel alive,

But we both know this, It’s only for a short while.

Because the book is about to get over, But the time won’t stop,

And as I walk on, I know I will soon have to harvest the crop.

You know it will end, In your heart you know it will grow older,

That sooner or later I will cry as you tell me it is over.

But before giving me the final heartache, You try to make me smile,

You follow your instincts to see the glow in my eyes.

You give me the happiness of a clear blue sky, The light of the bright candle,

You give me the joy of watching you smile, You give me those reassurances.

But I am not a child no more, I have seen with these eyes of mine,

I know the reason behind every “It’s okay”, And every “I’m fine”.

For I know the value of the clear skies, Even though I can see the grey clouds circling,

And I know the hope of the burning candle, Even though it might be extinguishing.

I know why you give me that smile, Even though I can see it doesn’t match your eyes,

And I know why you go to such an extent, To give me those reassurances.

Because I have been in your place once or twice, And I have seen my loved ones cry,

And I know the pain of feeling helpless and the desperate attempts to see a glimpse of a smile.

I know the pain you go through while uttering the two words

I know how difficult it is to fake a smile when all you feel is hurt.

And so I have learnt to play along, ignoring the clouds and enjoying sun shining bright,

And I have learnt to appreciate the candle burning just before it dies.

And I have learnt to reply to your smile while you can still fake it,

So that you could have the reassurance before the “turning your face and crying” bit.

I have been on either side of the line, And don’t get me wrong, I don’t lie,

For reassurances are nothing but euphemisms, And we present the ugly truth little mild.

So when you say “It’s okay” and I believe you, Don’t think that you have fooled me by your smile,

I can see the words you hide in the way you write, I have taken the pain to understand your style,

I know how difficult it is for you to hide your tears, And I trust you have a good reason to not show me,

Know that I play along with your reassurances, But I can see the ugly truth you have kept hidden beneath.Image

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