That Day It Rained.

She likes the cold. She thinks of it as a means to be able to wear winter clothes and drink hot chocolate. She likes the white snow. She instinctively protects herself from the jabs of the cold wind. It reminds her of the days of pain she endured. She thinks of herself as a strong person. She smiles when she shivers and hugs herself. She looks up at the peak of the Himalayas and admires the vast world. At that moment she thinks that she is bigger than that. She feels confident and independent. She doesn’t need the world to be by her side. She is good enough. She looks at the world and sees beauty and passion. She walks with palms open. She burns her hands in the fire but waits for the stars to fall.

He likes the spring. He likes the balance. He likes how the heat is not too hot and the wind is not too cold. He looks up at the sun challengingly. He walks against the winds. He is a fighter. He knows how to wield his sword. He understands the thorns in his path. He walks on it barefoot. He keeps moving forward. He leaves things behind but he never looks back. He shoves the pain in a box. He keeps it shut. There is no place for weakness in his world. His eyes see the battlefield and his ears hear the war raging outside. He conjures up walls around his heart and soul. No vulnerability. He is always in control and strong. No body can take advantage of him.

He gets into a duel with her. She flows like the water. He calculates his every move. They dance around each other. He surprised her by his logical and precise attacks. She impressed him by her grace and carefree moves. He was true to his thoughts and behaviour. Never once did she find him ordinary. She moved so honestly that he could see her soul depicted in her eyes. They laughed while constantly sparring against each other. As the sword fight intensified, they connected to each other forming a bond close and strong. The bubble was wrapped around them and there was no one else needed.

She starts liking the sun. He starts feeling his heart beat. The sun reminds her of the time he had hugged her. He feels her soft skin on his palms. She tries to understand him. He lets his walls down. They mould into a single person. They take the hurt that comes along. They build a house of dreams in a place where there was happiness.

But her heart fills with darkness. She gets bitter and makes him cry. She doesn’t understand why and when but she realises she is killing him. She loves him. He deserves better. She leaves the house. He does not understand why but he does not stop her. That day she starts liking the rain.

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