The Sound Of The Night

Alright, so I have been trying to write something for weeks, but couldn’t come up with anything. My brain was frozen and I couldn’t let go of that thought. So I was up tonight searching for inspiration on every possible website and I found some really good ideas. I also thought I’d take up some challenge to keep the ideas flowing, but was too scared that I wouldn’t continue. So finally I gave up on my search for inspiration and added it to my to-do list and settled upon surfing the site aimlessly and bugging my friends. Finally, “out of nowhere”, I thought I could write something and so I started, just like that.

The stars were blinking in the middle of the night

I stared at the screen in its creepy light

And I sat down to write the words unheard

The noise, that in the darkness purred

That night I heard a gun shot and I heard her cry

That night I heard the alarms go off and I heard the pup die

That night I heard the silence fall and I heard the woman scream

That night I heard the sound of agony and I heard malice gleam

The happy couple danced all night long and I heard them thinking out loud

I heard them make the promises, I heard she stood proud

I heard a girl confess her love and how she is not over him

I heard her row the boat, I heard her swim.

The bartender gave out drinks all night and they gulped it down

One after the other, I heard them clear and loud

The alleyway was filled with their laughter and sorrow

I heard them carrying on and having fun in their own flow

I heard the crazy fan singing out to the imaginary crowd

I also heard him cry in the night for the reality hadn’t bowed

I stayed up to find out that his dream did come true

And that he finally got to see the day the moon shone blue

I heard the break up, I heard the kiss

I heard the words, I heard the hiss

I heard death and I heard life

I heard them on and on, on the tip of the knife

I heard all this in one night, piercing right into my skull

The night my music player was on shuffle.


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