Psychopathic Sympathies

Slash. The blade cuts through the skin neatly. The sharp pain and then, nothing. She looks at her wrist intently. Was she good enough now?

The drop of red, slowly escapes and is set free. She smiles, satisfied. Closes her eyes. Yes. That was the pain she could take.

She left the wound to heal itself. There was nothing more to think. She could sleep in peace, again.

8 thoughts on “Psychopathic Sympathies

  1. Hey

    I was jst goin thru blogs and i found this post rather intresting.

    I find that thers some kind of deep pain behind this… i jst wanna kno are you alright?

  2. you say she smiled satisfied… what was she unsatisfied with? what is it that could possibly be satisfied by self infliction?

    1. Maybe she was unsatisfied with the number of hours she slept. Maybe she had too many thoughts and not enough peace. Maybe the pain replaced all the other thoughts and let her sleep in peace.

  3. She cut herself… cause she dint have enough sleep?
    if the purpose was distraction then why not watch a movie or kick a pig?

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