The Ten Minutes Ramble.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

Imagine the time you almost fell. Was it scary? Was it exciting? Did you feel your heart? Did you feel the wind?

Did you think that maybe you wouldn’t fall? Did you realize that you skipped a beat?

Was it your first time?

Was it your last?

Was the thought of survival in your mind? Did it go blank, just like mine?

Because the day I fell from the chair was also the day I flew in the air.

Maybe it was the smell of the flowers. Maybe it was boy beside me.

Maybe it was the fact that nothing mattered except me.

But I found out that stories can be well written. Experience is a different thing.

Reading it can be more interesting than a dream.

So I call out to the birds and the trees,

And in the end, it will always be me.

Clear as sky and muddy at the same time.

Fallen a million times, yet never fallen behind.

And all of this may seem deranged, or make sense in a way

But all these are just plain thoughts in my brain

That come out occasionally and I ramble on with no end.


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