Ivory Tower

“The best stories come from experience.”

Well you don’t need to tell me that. For 21 years I have been trying to build the best one. Connecting the dots of the past to find a pattern. Giving the best of music to the worst of situations. Hiding behind metaphors. Always trying to fill the gaps between them, still haven’t found the perfect fit.

Between laughing uncontrollably and breaking down in tears, this blog has become my ivory tower. Where I write for myself and learn who I am. Sometimes it helps me figure things out. The rest of the times I end up with no answers but a clear head and a story.

At this moment, its like I’m going downhill at a pace I can’t control. And I have no idea where I’m going. I have nothing to hold on to.

This post is not of a story or a poem of “some girl”. This is my way of trying to keep a hold on reality. My way to make sure I don’t get hurled around in this hurricane of thoughts. My place of retreat. My fortress of solitude.



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